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All A Dream Tours invite you to take a unique tour of the American Southwest. Participants drive themselves through scenic desert roads off the beaten path in comfortable SUV 4x4 vehicles, with our knowledgeable guides always nearby. On board your 4x4 you will follow a varied itinerary of unforgettable sites and trails that will lead you to the heart of the West through astounding countryside.

Your adventure begins in Phoenix, Arizona, the middle of the Sonoran desert, where you will find the famous Saguaro cactus and experience unforgettable sunrises and sunsets. From there you will follow a high mountain trail, cross a fragrant forest and arrive in Oak Creek Canyon, with its magnificent red rock cliffs before discovering one of the seven wonders of the  world; THE GRAND CANYON.

The canyon is over 5330 ft deep. The Colorado river has been flowing for millenia through the region, eroding the surrounding strata and creating the most spectacular scenery in the world.

From the Grand Canyon you depart for Navajo Indian territory. Before you unfolds a limitless horizon, earth the color of fire and the imposing landscape of  celebrated MONUMENT VALLEY, MEXICAN HAT, VALLEY OF THE GODS and GOOSENECKS.

Your 4x4 will then take a route to another magical place where you will see firsthand the result of nature's enormous force of the elements. Here lies a landscape of unique natural sculptures created by centuries of erosion from wind, water and climate. The ARCHES PARK is an exceptional site of more than 2000 sandstone cliffs and arches. From there you will travel along one of the most beautiful trails in the world, the White Rim Road, in CANYONLANDS.

During your return journey to Phoenix you will savor for the last time (until you return for another trip) the heat and awe-inspiring glories of ARIZONA.

This 4x4 trip enables you to see impressive countryside the traditional tourist never sets eyes upon.
The free and easy routes are mapped out in your detailed road book which has been thoroughly checked by our team.
All these details leave you free to completely enjoy your trip, relish the unforgettable sights and historical places that were a backdrop to THE CONQUEST OF THE WEST.

Be our guest and live the adventure of an ALL A DREAM Tour.
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