IBM Europe Lea R
"Dear 'All A Dream Tours' Thank you so much for this wonderful trip. I will make sure IBM Human Resources keeps you in our brochures for the future, because everyone must do your tours. We already want to come back."
Jumbo/Jet Tours: Maud B.
"Thank you for this unforgettable tour. I have previously visited the southwest but never like that! Thanks to you we have visited parks the likes of which we had never seen before and different landscapes we could never even have imagined! Thank you so much for your unique service and we want to come back for a new adventure. Thank you for your kindness and your discrete presence all along the way. See you soon."
American Express Corporate Services - Emeline F.
"Thank you so much for this unforgettable experience. We appreciate your time, knowledge, and valuable resource to American Express."
M. Stephens - "Here and Near" Travel section, Arizona Republic, Sunday, January 7, 2001.
"If you are interested in Exploring the Southwest, including back roads and trails but don't have the right kind of vehicle or the confidence to pilot your own backcountry course, then a driving package from All A Dream Tours in Scottsdale is the right answer."
Jacques, Virginie et famille / and family
"Very enjoyable vacation bringing together autonomy and safety, with no lost time in a huge land. The friendly atmosphere of All a Dream Tours is a clear plus, and the adventure is equal to its name. We will come again!"
Mickael et Ellen
"Fabulous, a super trip, nothing to add, nothing to change! Thank you to all of you for you friendly attitude and for having shown us these marvels on our own (under your watchful eyes)."
Philippe et Estelle
"Healthy doses of touristic flair and 4wd escapes, fantastic landscapes, and just the right amount of dirt! Special recognition is due the guides for their friendship, attention, and attitude."
Philippe B. et famille / and family
"Very nice! Good concept (mix of 4x4 and roads), good itinerary (length of drives, landscapes, hotels). Good organization. We liked being able to explore at our leisure. We look forward to our next trip! And thanks again for your friendly welcome, friendlyness, and great attitude."
Pascal B. et famille / and family
"Marvelous drives, excellent organization, perfect length, and a good dose of adventure. Excellent itinerary to follow in complete safety. Our fears of traveling this route with our 3 children were quickly forgotten."
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