“All A Dream Tours” was created in 1997. Born from the passion of one man… Alain Monoury… and his love of wide open spaces and the rugged and diverse terrain of the American southwest where he has traveled over one million miles discovering  seldom travelled remote areas of natural beauty, gathering information on the history and culture of the peoples who came before.
His quest for adventure led him to South America and on to Costa Rica to start again the discovery of a new unspoiled destination and the magical countryside of this small but beautiful country.

His love of wide open spaces led him to want to share this passion with others, but with a difference…

After 15 years of globetrotting with the restrictions of existing tours, he came up with a new formula… No more buses! No more, following the leader and eating the dust they kick up ahead, no more endless standing in line to begin the day’s tour and more freedom to explore with the feeling of being on your own adventure.

The new formula is this:
- you are welcomed as friends to enjoy and discover with us the beauty awaiting you.
- An individual  tour with a structure of support creating the feeling of being on your own!
- You are in control of your time and pace! The evening hotel is the only place where you meet with your fellow travelers and spend the evening telling tales of your discoveries.

- The routes are scrupulously selected by the team.
- Departure dates are fixed, for your safety.
- A simple road book of your route that has been tested by our friends of adventure is your companion to help you along on your journey.

Imagine: your hands on the wheel of a comfortable SUV 4x4 where you are the Captain and you make the decision to stop and take in the beauty of your surroundings for as long as you wish! A formula that works for the whole family… 7 or 77 you will enjoy the feeling of complete liberty this journey will bring you… Discover the hidden beauty on the back roads of Costa Rica or the American Southwest with us as friends… an adventure to live and re-live.

American Southwest:
magical tours are available to choose from “The wild West Mystical Canyon”, “Land Of Legend”, “Best Dream” or “Western Wonders”.

Costa Rica:
magical tours are available to choose from “The Heart of Costa Rica” or “The Secrets of Costa Rica’s Natural Beauty”; you can also choose to extend your choice of tour with an optional addition of either “Pacific Dream” or “Caribbean Dream”. A week spent relaxing in a beautiful paradise…
Our experience inured in the field made its proof both on its quality, and on its services: IBM, American Express, but also a big number of individuals testifies their adventure in rubric "Evidence ", do not hesitate to share their experience!!!!

Agencies such as: Jumbo, Throw Tours, Kuoni, Adventure & Cie risk Trips, Jet set, is held at your disposal to organize your trip outbound of Europe. At the request of our faithful customers, « All A Dream Tours » has decided to explore other continents; from 2011/2012, we will offer you the chance to discover Senegal, Africa, tours to take your breath away!!!!!

We have limited availability due to our small and intimate operation so reserve your place!!!

Consult our site regularly, leave us your e-mail address and we can send you our departure dates in preview.

See you soon for new adventures …

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