Renee & Janine, Normandy
You invited us to come and test your new tour and we wondered why you waited so long! It was the breath of fresh air we have so longed for in a vacation. The places we experienced were astounding and the people we met, simply enchanting. The suggestions and tips in your guide book were much more than informative and helped us to experience the land and the people in a way we never expected. We had already visited Costa Rica, but your 4x4 tour surpassed all expectations and your deep respect for nature and devotion to making our vacation the best we’ve ever had  left us with a longing to come back again… thank you so much.
Michel & Veronique, Toulon

We are friends and after deliberating the merits of what  you organized  decided to take you up on your offer of trying out your  tour “Best Dream” in the united states and it lived up to it’s name!  We were thrilled to find ourselves on a superb adventure which we thoroughly enjoyed! We agreed to come and try your newly organized tour in Costa Rica and once again found ourselves on a most agreeable vacation. Your tour is full of secrets and surprises and we were thoroughly amazed  at the wonders of this small country which you made accessible to us with your knowledge of untraveled roads and your kindness and guidance every step of the way. You made our vacation truly one to remember… keep dreaming up new tours! We can’t wait for the next one!!!

Claude & Sylvie, Rouen

Brilliant! It pleases us to be able to tell you that! Quiet back roads, with wonderful scenery. It was simply magical! The feeling of security knowing you were not far away gave us the chance to enjoy our adventure in total peace and without a moments worry. Don’t change a thing… it’s marvelous!!! 

Fabienne & Chrystelle, Paris

Alain, we weren’t sure if we could handle your 4x4 tour, but we came because we know you. Thank you for insisting!!! We fought over the steering wheel mile after mile. Your tour is unique, giving the feeling of absolute adventure with the added bonus of knowing that you are nearby. Our insecurities were quickly eliminated which left us free to enjoy the roads, parks and places of interest you have listed in your guide book… you didn’t need to insist for us to want to stay for another week!!!

Pascal & Valerie, Biarritz
Great tour!!! Thank you for the chance to escape! The beaches are a dream and the landscape and parks are incomparable!!!  How do you find these magical places? Your kindness and anticipation of our needs deserves a trophy!
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