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Imagine a country, small enough to fit inside New York twice! This is Costa Rica, Misty forests resounding with the murmur of boundless wildlife… impressive volcanos, and enumerable exotic beaches, everything encompassed in a comfortable climate. Welcome to Costa Rica’s Pura Vida!

Combine thousands of species of orchids, multicolored birds and butterflies as well as 150 different tropical fruits and throw in part of the natural habitat of the Quetzals, a colorful bird native to Central America and you will have an idea of the natural beauty of Costa Rica. But only an idea!

Small in size but immensely diverse, this protected paradise is a magical destination for all who love nature and tranquility with a splash of adventure…
the Costa Rica awaiting your discovery is full of spectacular  horizons, and a marvelous mixture of old and new cultures.
A unique part of the world, where the splendor of the countryside surpasses the imagination. A 360° panorama filled with jungles… volcanoes…and deserted beaches where you will dive in the Pacific Ocean discovering yet more unique beauty under the water’s surface.
No photography can truly capture the exquisite beauty of the natural flora and fauna awaiting you… 7 or 77… Costa Rica will amaze you… It’s our passion to share the splendors of Costa Rica’s natural beauty with you on your adventure! We have for your pleasure 2 unique tours to choose from.
By road and back road, off the beaten path these tours will be unforgettable.
We take the utmost care in making sure that your tour is safe and welcoming with friendly guidance every step of the way in English.
A simple but precise road book will guide you and give you the feeling of adventure… with your own hands at the wheel of an SUV 4x4.

Each morning at breakfast we give you advice and guidance before you set off on your own, at your own pace, in your own time. The team will always be available to help you along and make sure your journey is in complete safety and you will be welcomed in the evening at the hotel.
Join us in beautiful Costa Rica and discover with us “The Heart of Costa Rica” or “The Secrets of Costa Rica’s Natural Beauty” … Pura Vida…
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