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Travel thru the city of San Jose and on thru typical villages such as Muelle De San Carlos, Pto Soley, Papagayo, Juntas, Tarcoles... to a peaceful coastline on the pacific which borders the magnificent Carrara park, leaving you with magnificent memories of its beauty. From pristine beaches in their natural state, marked as ecological areas to the many places where local pottery is to be found, on seldom travelled back roads, this tour will leave you with countless memories and a feeling of serenity that will leave a desire in your heart to come back for more.
DAY 1 - Country of departure / San jose

- Flight to San Jose
- Welcoming on arrival, under the tropical sun of San Jose.
-  4x4 Rental
- Briefing at the hotel.
- Evening free in the splendid city of San Jose.

DAY 2 - San Jose / Muelle de San Carlos

Leave San Jose and start your adventure on the road ,passing by the villages of Alajuela and Grecia ,then join the splendid back roads which will lead you upwards to two refreshing waterfalls! Journey on to a little known area where you can enjoy the thermal waters, before passing thru  Venecia and Palmera for your stay in Muelle De San Carlos
Evening free to explore.

DAY 3 - Muelle De San Carlos / Upala

Your journey commences by passing by San Antonio and the grotto of Venado to discover the depth of Costa Rica. Thru the traditional villages of Tigra, Nuevo, Tierras Morenas before discovering the Volcano Tenerio, close to Upala for your hotel stay.
Evening free to explore.

DAY 4 - Upala / Pto Soley

You will pass by another San José, not the capital! Direction Birmania, to follow a splendid road passing by Brazilia to discover the villages of El Socorro, Garcia Flamenco and Potrerillos. Views of the Pacific appear before joining your hotel at Pto Soley.
Evening free to explore.

DAY 5 - Pto soley / Papagayo
Morning in the magnificent Park of Santa Rosa with its abundant wildlife and spectacular scenery... on to the town of Liberia to experience the quality of life there before your return towards the beautiful  pacific coast and the village of papagayo to relax at your hotel.
Evening free to explore.
DAYv 6 - Papagayo / Tamarindo
A day full of beaches! Leaving Papgayo you will head towards Puerto Viejo, Huacas, Panama, Artola, to discover  beautiful  beaches where you will see the surfers on the  beaches of Playa Prieta, Playa Pence. Arrival at Tamarindo, where the sunset will dazzle you with its beauty...
Evening free to explore.
DAY7 - Tamarindo / Ostional

More of the beautiful beaches that dot the coast, passing thru the towns of San José Prinilla, Rio Seco, and the long stretch of beach known as Playa Junquillal. You will follow your road book while discovering the genuine face of the villages of Venado, Lagarto, San Juanillo and Ostional, your evening destination where you will relax at your hotel.
Evening free to explore.

DAY 8 - Ostional / Juntas

Begin the day on a unique road that will lead you to another face of costa rica. From Nosara to Caimital, from Hojandra to Quebrada Honda or Potrero, a natural road takes you upwards to bring you to Juntas, your evening destination and your hotel.
Evening free to explore.

DAY 9 - Juntas / Orotina

After journeying thru Dos De Abangares you will arrive at the splendid National Park of Monte Verde, where your eyes will be amazed by the natural surroundings! Continue on by way of San Luis, Guacimal and Sardinal to finish in a village typical of Orotina.
Evening free to explore.

DAY 10 - Orotina / San Marcos

The day starts on a beautiful back road heading towards San Marcos, you will pass by San Pedro, San Pablo and Puriscal. The art of Costa Rica will be yours to discover with its local potteries, definitely worth a glance, and splendid scenery ... After Acosta yet another typical back road, bringing you to your evening destination and your hotel.
Evening free to explore

DAY - 11 San Marcos / Quepos

Today the road brings you to another untouched face of the Pacific, still wild with natural beauty. With the quiet peace and serenity of the waves on the beach as your companion as you approach Silencio before arriving in Quepos and your hotel.
Evening free to explore.

DAY 12 - Quepos / Tarcoles

Discover Parrita, Loma and Gloria, before falling under the spell of the park of Carrara. Direction Tarcoles while following beaches of the peaceful Pacific Coast before Tarcoles and your hotel.
Evening free to explore.

DAY 13 - Tarcoles / San Jose

Pistes locales pour rejoindre San José en passant par les plus belle poteries du Costa Rica.

Appreciez San jose avant votre soirée typique « Pura Vida » et votre nuit dans un resort…


Take local roads and lanes to return to San José, seeing some of the nicest pottery of Costa Rica. Appreciate San Jose before your farewell to "Pura Vida" and the night in your resort


DAY 14 - San Jose / Your country

Return your 4x4 to the airport before your departure

- Accomodations and trips routes subject to change depending on weather conditions.

Tour Includes
- Trip organization in English.
- Pickup from San Jose Int’l Airport.
- 4x4 rental (2-5 persons each) and all necessary insurance.
- Accommodations in hotels 1st category, lodges and resort at San Jose.
- National Park entrance
- Trip map (maps are property of and must be returned to “All A Dream” Tours, Inc. after the tour).
- Practical and informative Guide book (participants keep).
- Costa Rica Road Map
- All breakfasts.
- Typical evening at the farewell Dinner.
- Surprise party on the beach during your trip.
- Experienced guide available throughout your trip and by phone 24/7.

Choose to extend your stay per night, or by taking one of our additional option tours which may be added at the beginning or end of your trip.
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